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              太倉人才網 [登錄] 2019年11月09日 星期六 您是第 1020508280 位訪者(今天第 141323 位訪問者)  目前在線 1647版本更新 設為首頁 | 加入收藏
              職位關鍵詞(點擊搜索): RTR Accountant; Accountant; RTR; 

              RTR Accountant (600662)

              招聘單位:特靈空調系統(中國)有限公司 [2019-11-04]  閱讀:

              職位名稱: RTR Accountant 職位類別: 財務類
              工作性質: 全職 應聘/招聘人數: 75/1
              工作地區: 太倉市 作息制度:
              住房食宿: 月薪水平: 面議或未公開
              工作描述: Job Responsibilities :
              Accounts receivable & Intercompany accounting
              - Perform a variety of RTR accounting and reporting assignments, such as receivable and general accounting including bank receipts, AR sub ledger entries and Intercompany charges, and monthly management and statutory reporting, account reconciliations
              - Conduct monthly cash flow forecast and related bank transaction arrangement
              - Coordinate with internal tax team and conduct monthly tax declaration including VAT and export tax refund
              - Conduct VAT invoicing and Intercompany billing processing for the assigned entities 
              - Establish sound business relationship with internal customers and external partners and provide finance assistant, including auditors, operation teams of local authorities
              - Contribute on the process improvement efforts leading by the record to report (RTR) managers or Sub team leaders
              - Understand the department's objectives and timely monitor the completion progress of annual personal performance and development goals; comply with IR's policies and procedures.
              Key Competencies:
              -A self-motivated, detail oriented, career driven individual seeking long-term career growth
              -Good analytical and critical thinking skills
              -Good verbal and written communication skills for interactions with reporting entities and other departments
              -Strong time management skills with the ability to manage several tasks simultaneously
              -Ability to work effectively and build relationships throughout the organization
              - Ability to work in a collaborative manner and be a team player
              -Focus on continuous improvement
              學歷要求: 本科 專業類別: 經濟學類
              專業名稱: 財務類 戶籍要求: 不限
              性別要求: 不限 婚育情況: 不限
              年齡要求: 不限 工作經驗: 0 年
              外語能力: 英語 熟練 計算機能力: 熟練
              技能資質: 不限
              其它要求: Requirements/Qualifications:
              - Undergraduate degree in accounting or finance
              - Graduate is also OK. More than three years of experience in accounting functions, general ledger working experience is plus
              - Fluent English communication and written skills
              - Get well known about tax knowledge
              - ERP experience of Oracle is plus
              職位首次錄入: 2018-03-13 11:06:39
              RTR Accountant-特靈空調系統(中國)有限公司



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